Distinct Connections

Broadband with new 4G Assure

Broadband with new 4G Assure. You’ll never lose business because of a lost connection.

Get a reliable connection your business can count on. Broadband with 4G Assure is the UK’s first and only broadband that can automatically switch to 4G. A clever little innovation that will make a big difference to your business.

Our best broadband, now even better

If your business relies on the internet, our broadband’s a safe bet. Which is handy, really. Because everything from staying in touch with customers, to securing the best possible prices with suppliers, can rely on it.

Which got us thinking – how could we make our broadband even better? And what happens if a busy builder accidentally cuts through your broadband connection?
You can’t afford for your internet connection to go down. So we’ve made sure it won’t happen. With 4G Assure, just plug the included 4G dongle into your Business Smart Hub or Hub 5, and if your broadband connection does unexpectedly drop, fast and reliable 4G kicks in to keep you online.

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