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Everything you need with Auto Mate

Get everything you need to manage your vehicles with Auto Mate.


When you need your vehicles to do business, making the most of them is a top priority. With Auto Mate, you’ll get a stress-free system that’s easy to set up. So you can keep everyone in the loop on every journey with one simple fleet management package. It finds shortcuts on routes, makes managing expenses easy, and even pings you when something’s up, like a fault. It keeps standards up. And costs down. In other words, it pays to have Auto Mate as a friend in fleet management.

Protect your investment
When your fleet is your livelihood, it pays to keep an eye on your vehicles. Get real-time activity alerts that ping your mobile if something looks suspicious, like a vehicle moving unexpectedly overnight. With the app and online portal, you can see where all your vehicles are – 24/7.

Rev up your customer service
Keeping clients and drivers posted in real time reduces their stress and yours. Auto Mate helpfully tweaks routes and helps you allocate the right jobs to the nearest driver. That way, they can avoid any hold ups and get straight to their next destination.

Drive down costs
Save time, effort and money. Auto Mate automatically delivers mileage and expense reports straight to your desktop. It can flag engine trouble before it takes your vehicles off the road. And with driver scoring, you’ll be able to spot your most fuel-savvy drivers – and the ones who need some direction.

Fine tune the backroom
Ditch the post-it notes and paperwork headaches. With Auto Mate you can automate handy reminders for things like fleet services, MOT and road tax renewals. So you’re always up to date and free to focus on the road ahead.

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