Distinct Connections

Step on it with 5G on EE

Step on it with 5G EE and get a near-instant business connection

To keep our network in the number one spot, we’ve launched 5G EE in six of the UK’s busiest cities, with another ten cities by the end of 2019. Here are 5 things your customers will love about 5G EE.

Better connections in busy places
Your customers can video call, stream and download in the busiest places, without things slowing down.

Even faster and better quality
With 5G speeds, your customers can download and transfer large, high quality files.

Instant connection
An almost instant internet connection makes file transfers and other daily tasks feel super quick for your customers.

5G EE flexible plans
Customers can swap benefits like roaming, extra data and international calls as and when they need them.

5G EE exclusives
With MobileIron Threat Defense, and Data Reserve as a back up if their monthly allowance runs out, 5G EE customers get complete peace of mind.

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